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Resistance WIP

Resistance WIP

A malleable interactive sound sculpture intertwining physical, electrical and social resistance.
Fibre Art & Physical Computing: bend/stretch sensors, arduino, max.

This is the first of initial experiments of what will become an entangled, hanging network of voices and ropes. The ropes are made from discarded hessian coffee sacks – untying, dyeing, washing, untangling, tying.

The network of ropes is akin to a choir though they do not respond to each other but rather to how they are touched and shaped. I make each rope by undoing the hessian coffee sacks sourced from a local coffee roastery, dyeing the fibres black, then coiling them around an aluminium wire (to hold shape) and bend sensors made with conductive black rubber cord. The change in the electrical resistance of the sensors made by bending and altering the formation of the ropes will adjust the vocal pitch of the ropes’ corresponding voice. Each rope will correspond to a different pre-recorded voice belonging to a woman and/or queer person. The result will be a haunting choir resonating throughout the space. People will be invited to manipulate, bend and arrange the ropes in different ways to affect the singing voices.

Install images and videos from A-Side | B-Side: Computational Arts Staff Show at Goldsmiths University, London, 01.08.2023: