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Beyond Invisibility: Rethinking Computer Interfaces

Beyond Invisibility: Rethinking Computer Interfaces

MFA in Computational Art
Goldsmiths, University of London
Researcher | Writer | Digital & User Interface Designer

A collaborative research project and artefact with Jonas Gr├╝nwald. Our project explores the homogenising effects of consumerism on interface design and the possibilities of alternative narratives and aesthetics that displaces the human from the centre to challenge the Western subject-centric nature of human-machine interaction.

We created a mobile weather app as the artefact in response to our research and as an experiment in alternative possibilities. The app delivers weather from a random region chosen by an algorithm. The user can see the interaction of other users in real time through coloured smudges appearing from touch interaction. If users touch the same place at the same time sparks fly. See link to article below for details.

Essay: Beyond Invisibility: Rethinking Computer Interfaces
Artefact: weather.distancing.space (To be viewed on a mobile device).